Old School Auto Body Repair & Leading

When this information is not available, for any reason, an experienced restaurant consultant can tell you the sales activities just by inspecting the restaurant and counting the number of customers eating at 4 key times in a day, and on several key days per week. Then the consultant can figures out what the average sales ticket amount is. With this information like magic the consultant knows the gross sales figure, for the year.

Mechanics are notorious for installing aftermarket replacement parts but charging the customer for more expensive OEM parts. Less reputable auto repair centers may charge for parts that are never even replaced. When your repairs are finished, ask to see the damaged parts. Take a look at the newly installed components as well. It’s also a good idea to read over the estimate again. Most body shop quotes will tell if a part is supposed to be refurbished, rebuilt, new OEM, or a generic replacement.

Mobile automotive paint tool has become a big industry over the last several years. Conventional auto body shops are not good for anyone with a hectic schedule. You have to make a scheduled appointment and take your auto to the shop. Many times, you must leave your car because the repair work will take quite a bit of time. You could even be without your vehicle for a day or two. When you do finally get your car back, the repair bill will most likely be quite high. With mobile dent removal providers, the repair technicians come to you. All you will need to do is provide a power point. The trucks that the technicians drive have all the tools they need to do the repair.

With the sales invoices an audit of income becomes simple. Since the sellers keep them in a manila folder by months, you only have to pick monthly folders at random and total the actual invoices. Then compare them to what the “State Board of Equalization” report says and calculate what percentage of the total was declared. If you do this for a few months, a pattern will develop. Some sellers have even run a calculator tape of the month’s activities and/or written it in a private ledger. You can check the actual invoice tapes against the private ledger records to confirm the private ledger information is correct.

I said “job owner” because you may want to contract your services to a local body shop, you might want to do it as a “shade tree” guy (just make sure your customers can and are willing to pay), or you might want to open your own shop.

Be on the lookout for people not fixing structural or hidden damage. I’ve had vehicles come in where the frame rails /rad support were replaced (welded in) and not even painted! They rusted out quickly!

So, join everyone else with the “Go Green” campaign and do your part to help the environment! Doing something as simple as getting auto body repair instead of replacement. You will not only be helping the environment but you will be saving money and get your vehicle looking great for less!